Kiwanis - Serving the Children of the World
Serving the Children of the World

Committees (2014-2015)

The basic committee structure of this club will include the following standing committees (as suggested by Kiwanis International, Standard Form of Club By-laws) and may include various other committees as identified or as created from time to time by the President.

  1. The Committee on Club Administration

    This committee is responsible for providing the most effective club meeting possible. Areas of focus should include the club meeting program, risk management, reception, fellowship, inter-club relations, as well as other areas the committee may deem pertinent.

    1. Education Leadership Committee: Barrie Beech, David MacLennan, Gerald Cook
    2. Program Committee: Bob Neely
    3. Insurance/risk management Coordinator: Brian Reid
    4. House and Reception Committee: Gerald Cook, Ron Bailey, Susan Shurrie
    5. Visitation & Bereavement Committee: Miles Browning
    6. Archivist: Bonnie Richardson
    7. Interclub Visitation Coordinator: John Patterson
  2. The Committee on Community Services:

    This committee should implement projects on the arts, business affairs, citizenship, civic improvement, community beautification, conservation, health, international understanding, literacy, public affairs, safety, or help for senior citizens and disabled persons. Popular projects include Special Olympics, Meals on Wheels, issues forums, and youth exchange.

    1. Community Service: Ron Bailey, Blair Neely, Barrie Beech
    2. Huron Perth Centre Representative: Vacant
    3. Kiwanis Festival of the Performing Arts Committee: Brian Reid, Bill Cooper, Terry Fowler, Peter Switzer, Ken Thompson, Art Hodgson, Ralph Milton, Hélène Crabb and Members-at-Large Michele Boniface, Ron Fischer, Gavin Clutton, Sue Erb, Mary Cooper, Emily Clutton, Debbie Mountain.  Executive Director Janis Auster.
    4. Kiwanis-CJCS Christmas Basket Committee: Dave Evans, Bob Boyce, Paul Carnegie, Bill Cooper, Bob Neely, Warren Priestap, Keith Thompson, Carl Thomson, Anne-Marie Tymec, Peter Switzer
    5. Anne Hathaway Park Committee: Warren Priestap, David Johnson,  Susan Shurrie, Kirk Hendricks
    6. Kiwanis One Day, One Way, One K Representative: Vacant
    7. Youth Services Committee:Hélène Crabb, David Johnson, Wilf Smyth, Rob Schmidt
    8. Kiwanis Canadian & International Foundations Representative: Wilf Smyth, Jack Ross, Peter Switzer
    9. Eliminate Project Representative: Jane Killer
  3. The Committee on Finance and Fund-raising

    This committee is responsible for preparing a budget of estimated income and expenses for submission to the board of directors, as well as any recommendations it may have on financial matters of the club. It also is responsible for securing the funds necessary to meet budget requirements.

    1. Finance Committee: Ron Bailey, Gerald Cook, Ken DeLaat, Jack Ross, Keith Thompson
    2. Fundraising Committee: Ron Bailey, Barrie Beech, Doug Lester
    3. Stratford Kiwanis Garlic Festival Committee: Warren Ham, Carl Thomson(Kiwanis Representative), Paul Carnegie, Ken DeLaat, Dave Evans, Robert Gladding, John Patterson, Brian Reid, Bonnie Richardson, Anne-Marie Tymec, Members-at-Large Teresa Renee, Helma Luyten, Murray Schlotzhauer, Terry Taylor
    4. Tom Patterson Booth Committee: Brian Reid, Carl Thomson, Susan Shurrie, Gerald Cook
    5. Bingo Committee: Barb Muir, Mike Jervis, Jane Killer
    6. Passport to Savings: Barb Muir, Mike Jervis, Dave Evans, Carl Thomson
  4. The Committee on Human and Spiritual Values

    This committee should implement projects that support spiritual development, provide human companionship and comfort, or offer counselling and guidance. Projects can encourage interfaith and interdenominational religious activity, such as prayer, but should not support a specific religious sect. Popular projects include prayer breakfasts, layman of the year awards, transportation to religious services, visits to nursing homes, and support of grief counselling.

    Members: Art Hodgson, Paul Carnegie, David Johnson, Rob Schmidt, John Patterson

    Board Liason: Art Hodgson

  5. The Committee on Membership Growth and Education

    This committee should strive to increase membership according to the standards provided in the bylaws. The committee should consider all Membership Applications and submit its recommendations to the board of directors. The committee also should develop an effective orientation and induction ceremony for new members and promote regular attendance by all members at club meetings.

    1. Membership Growth and Retention Committee: Barrie Beech, Ron Bailey, Anne-Marie Tymec, Lauren Francis
    2. Attendance Convenor: Mike Jervis
  6. The Committee on Visibility

    This committee is responsible for helping to ensure that the public receives, through the media and other means, the Objects, goals, programs, and achievements of Kiwanis International and the club.

    1. Public Relations Representative: Keith Thompson
    2. Bulletin Editors: Lauren Francis, Anne-Marie Tymec, Brian Reid, Bonnie Richardson, David MacLennan
    3. Website Maintenance: Ken Thompson, David MacLennan
  7. The Committee on Service Leadership Programs

    This committee shall devise ways and means to establish and support Kiwanis Kids clubs in elementary schools, Builders Clubs in junior high or middle schools, Key Clubs in high schools, Circle K clubs in the universities and colleges, and Aktion Clubs for adults with disabilities.It should encourage and promote the activities of all Aktion Clubs, Kiwanis Kids, Builders Clubs, Key Clubs, and Circle K clubs sponsored by the club. The committee should include the Kiwanis club advisors to sponsored Circle K, Key Club, Builders Club, Kiwanis Kids and Aktion Clubs.

    Aktion Club Advisor: Bonnie Richardson

  8. The Committee on Young Children: Priority One

    This committee should implement projects for children, prenatal through age five. Projects can address maternal and child health, childcare, early development, nutrition, parenting education and support, advocacy, paediatric trauma, or safety. Popular projects include encouraging literacy, assisting childcare and preschool programs, distributing the home-safety checklist, conducting bicycle safety programs, and assisting with immunization programs.

    Members: Bob Gladding, Bill Cook, Kirk Hendricks, David Johnson, Bonnie Richardson